Interaction Camp Programme 2024

10 – 27 August 2024, Užice / Požega / Čačak (Serbia)

The production of creative documentaries, lasting up to 30 minutes, is carried out through the following phases:

Project Research and Development (14 May – 1 August) – Fifteen participants, divided into three crews, with the support of the executive producer, mentor, and local production coordinators, are finding a topic for the documentary film and then exploring and developing the project through the following phases:

– Online research and lectures phase (14 May – 1 August)

During the research and development phase of projects, participants have the opportunity to attend online lectures that will acquaint them with the topic and context of the local communities they are entering. In this phase, in addition to lectures, mentoring sessions are planned to focus on the research process, networking participants with the local community, and projects development.

– On-site research during the Camp (11 – 13 August)

Upon arriving in Belgrade, participants travel to western Serbia, where, divided into three crews in Užice, Požega, and Čačak, they continue the research and development process through direct contact with the protagonists of their future films. During this phase, participants have the support of local production coordinators and members of the Camp’s Local Council who propose potential documentary topics.

Shooting (14 -17 August) – After completing the research, the director and organizer of each crew submit a project proposal to the mentor and executive producer, based on which they begin shooting the film.

Post-production (18-25 August) – After completing the shooting, participants from all three crews gather in Užice, where they edit the films, work on sound processing, color correction, translation, and graphic processing of the films. 

Throughout all production phases, the teams are guided by the mentor and executive producer.

Joint programmes

Meet2Talk – an accompanying programme designed for participants in all Interaction programmes. It is intended for their acquaintance, networking, discovering new perspectives on documentary film, and initiating discussions on topics important for short creative documentaries.

Interaction Festival – an international festival, launched in 2022, dedicated to short creative documentaries up to 40 minutes long that contribute to pushing the boundaries of documentary film with originality and innovation. Candidates for participation in the Camp and Workshop can submit their short creative documentaries for participation in the Interscreen programme of the Interaction Festival.


Short documentaries made during the Camp will be screened at the closing ceremony of the Interaction Festival in Užice (26 August), then in Belgrade (27 August).
Moreover, films will be screened in Serbia (Požega, Čačak and other locations which express interest), at film festivals, TV stations and VOD platforms.


If you are interested in applying to participate at the Camp, please read the Application Guide.

Application deadline: 1 March, 2024

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