The programme carries on continuous communication with different target groups within local communities (Užice, Čačak, Požega) through direct participation in various activities (workshops, screenings, talks, film production). Activities within Community programme are carried out with the aim of bringing the short documentary film closer to the audience by encouraging people to express themselves through spoken word and motion picture.

To that aim, the following programs are implemented:

Interaction Teen Doc Workshop 2023 – Toward Better Region

Educational programme designed for motivated high school students, eager to acquire additional knowledge on creative documentary filmmaking, to expand their creative skills, as well as to engage with the young talents from the Western Balkan region. The workshop is open for teens originating from Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Croatia and Serbia.

FECI – Film Educational Centre Interaction

A multi-month educational programme for high school students from the Western Serbia region who want to learn more about scriptwriting, shooting, editing and film directing.

FecAkt – Film Educational Centre for Activism

Eight-month programme which has implemented in 2021/2022 with the aim of education in the field of documentary film production, including by different target groups – young, elderly, unemployed, parents of children and young people with disabilities.