Doc in Progress Projects


Screenwriter/Director/Producer: Ana Maria Vijdea
Countries of Production: Romania, Belgium
Estimated length: 20 minutes
Participant: Ana Maria Vijdea (Romania)

Blue is a glimpse into the dynamic between a mother and her sons, which, in the words of one of them, is as fickle as the sea weather.

The Veil of Senses

Screenwriter/Director: Elisa Baccolo
Producer: Hector Ulloque
Countries of Production: France, Italy
Estimated Length: 15 minutes
Participant: Elisa Baccolo (Italy)

“Seeing is a liminal experience” (Emigholz). Not only seeing: Perceiving is a liminal experience. Yet, regardless of the filters that refine it, we can still talk about the same world.

Through The Flames

Screenwriters/Directors: Renato Ogata and Daniel Calil
Producer: Eliane Ferreira
Country of Production: Brazil
Estimated length: 75 minutes
Participant: Renato Ogata (Brazil)

In Brazil, arson is the principal cause of deforestation. However, there are volunteer firefighters
who face dangerous struggles against agribusiness in an attempt to save their community and

Joseph and I

Screenwriters: Anthony Mizzi & Angelique Muller
Director: Angelique Muller
Producer: Blank Canvas
Country of Production: Malta
Estimated length: 60 minutes
Participants: Anthony Mizzi (Malta) & Angelique Muller (France)

Sometimes you look for a story, sometimes a story finds you…

Hayat – The Afganic Court

Screenwriter/Director/Producer: Liav Tamuz
Country of Production: Israel
Estimated length: 20 minutes
Participant: Liav Tamuz (Israel)

My father is chiseling stones in the courtyard of the house he built where the whole clan lives. I return to understand why I don’t live here. He can’t relate to my absence. His memories from Afghanistan arouse in me a protest against ancient approaches to father-daughter relations. In speech and silence, I try to carve through years of distance.