Our Mission

Film, more than any other medium, provides an opportunity for people to understand each other, to question and influence the world around them. A special place belongs to creative documentary film, and within it, to creative short documentary.
By using the power of documentary film, Interaction inspires people to change the world for the better.

Our Vision

Interaction is an experience that has changed many young filmmakers’ lives and their views of the world.

In its endeavour to support the production, education and promotion of creative documentaries, with an emphasis on the short documentary form, Interaction has established an unbreakable network of cooperation, understanding and tolerance that extends across all continents.
By bringing the highest quality international documentary film to the widest audience, Interaction provides a special film experience, supports independent and young filmmakers and encourages intercultural dialogue. By stimulating the production of short documentaries through the direct cooperation of film school students from around the world, as well as encouraging education in the field of creative documentaries, Interaction promotes values ​​such as freedom of creative expression, innovation, inclusion and solidarity.

Interaction programmes

Interaction is a platform consisting of the following programs: