Interaction XR – Co-creating Future 

Interaction Festival & TOFUZI Festival – 2024

Interaction XR is a project run by IFC Filmart which contributes to the intercultural dialogue between youth living in the V4 countries (Poland, Hungary), EaP countries (Georgia), Western Balkans region (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia) and Estonia through XR. The project establishes and fostering cooperation among different regions through common cultural activities in VR worlds and also contributes to audience development internationally.

The project is co-financed by the governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from the International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.


Independent Film Centre Filmart


IFC Filmart was founded in 2005, as an initiative that works both in and with the local community and supports the growth of culture, art (film) production through programmes of education and participatory forms of work with different target groups, to develop a dialogue, multicultural environment, and critical thinking in the community. Filmart has specialized particularly in the development of documentary, encouraging the youth and their filmmaking, film education, and audience development. Filmart has realized more than 60 projects in areas of education, film, visual art, activism, and local community development. Through its production, Filmart has shot about 60 short documentaries, 2 short fiction films, 10 video works, numerous TV documentary shows, web serials etc. During 19 years, numerous workshops, training programs, documentary film camps, artistic residencies and masterclasses have been realized with more than 400 participants from more than 60 countries. The main project of Filmart is “Interaction” which tackles the most pressing issues of our times, including migrations, climate changes, brain drain, human rights, minorities, and women’s rights through documentary.

Interaction: Short Docs Festival

Interaction is an international platform dedicated to the production, education, and promotion of creative documentaries. Established in 2006 by the Independent Film Centre Filmart from Požega. Through its extensive network, Interaction fosters cooperation, understanding, and tolerance. Interaction aims to support independent and emerging filmmakers and bring the highest quality international documentary films to wider Serbian audiences. By facilitating collaboration among film school students globally and teenagers from the Western Balkans region, and by promoting education in creative documentaries, Interaction champions creative freedom, freedom of expression, innovation, inclusion, and solidarity. Through the power of documentary film, Interaction succeeds in raising important issues for today’s civilization: reconciliation in the region, migration, brain drain and circular migration, climate change, and sustainability.

Interaction includes different programmes: Interaction Short Doc Festival, Interaction Student Film Camp, Interaction Doc Workshop, IVA.lab, XR Interaction, Interaction Teen Doc Workshop, Meet2Talk programme and XR.

N.(N).L.E. Personage


N.(N).L.E. Personage was founded in 2013 by an initiative group whose main goal was to revive animation as a form of cinematic art in Georgia. Since 2014, N.(N).L.E. Personage has taken the lead in organizing the international animated film festival “TOFUZI,” which has led to the refinement and specification of the organization’s goals and objectives.

The organization is managed by a team of professionals from various industries. These experts, each a specialist in their field, have come together to serve the aims of N.(N).L.E. Personage with dedication and excellence.

Tofuzi International Animated Film Festival

The “TOFUZI” International Animated Film Festival is organized by two equal partners: N.(N).L.E. Animation Development Fund and N.(N).L.E. Personage. Both organizations hold equal rights and can act as festival owners. Established in 2007 in Batumi, Georgia, the festival has been held annually for the past 16 years. “TOFUZI” distinguishes itself by diversifying its content and encouraging entries from underrepresented regions such as Asia, South America, and Central America. However, more than 70% of the films are presented from EU countries and the USA. There are no restrictions on eligible countries or the number of films that can be submitted. The festival’s program is curated based on the quality of the submissions and a commitment to inclusivity and representation.

Film XR OÜ


An international company from Estonia, created to promote and distribute VR&Film content and organize film festivals. Film XR founder Georgi Molodtsov collaborates with VRROOM and has made XR projects that won the Webby Award and were nominated for the PGA Innovation Award.

The company talks about the international sales and coproduction of the Under the Pillow XR project.

Parallel Stories Cultural Association


Parallel Stories Cultural Organization (Párhuzamos Történetek Kulturális Egyesület) promotes new, story-based ways to understand and better our society. From single workshops to long-term international projects, we believe in the power of better narratives. When it comes to social justice and cultural values, we don’t only look at what we want to elevate and who is the audience we would like to reach, but we place an emphasis on how we are creating these narratives – stimulating new approaches to education, to the excavation and interpretation of cultural heritage, and to the engagement of new audiences.



Feeling Digital is a talented group of experts passionate about crafting immersive experiences. Since 2014, they’ve pushed the boundaries of spatial computing, building a range of impactful projects from wellbeing apps to training simulations. They believe in the power of stories to transform, weaving them through digital worlds that spark emotions. 10 years of experience have led them to create numerous immersive experiences, from location-based VR games to skill training modules for clients across the US and Europe.

NVO Crnogorski filmski festivalUnderhillFest


Underhill Festival, organized by NGO Montenegro Film Festival is dedicated to feature-length documentaries created in small cinematography and independent productions, films that have imposed themselves with innovation, ideas and strength of their stories. UnderhillFest as such represents a real challenge in Montenegro, in terms of program and production.

Our festival is in every sense a humane and socially engaged project: separated from institutionalized frameworks, open, somewhat alternative, and rebellious, intended exclusively for a free, curious, and creative visitor who loves film art and recognizes the seriousness of the problems documentaries deal with. Our festival has managed to find its way to its authentic audience, from regular documentary lovers to students eager to learn about this film expression, to the professional public that contributes to collective film education.

Association for Media Literacy Planet-M Skopje

North Macedonia

The Media Literacy Association “Planet-M” supports the development of the young generation by implementing activities in the field of education, art, culture, as well as human (children’s) rights and active involvement of young people in all segments of their growth and development in civil society.

Through informal education in various segments, Planet-M educates and supports young people on their growth, maturation as well as achieving equality and harmony by gender, social, religious, ethnic, sexual orientation or any other basis, thus reducing discrimination, bullying and youth violence in general.

The main tool for motivating and involving young people is the film, mostly through the International Youth Film Festival “Giffoni Macedonia”, which is a branch of the world’s leading festival for children and youth “Giffoni Experience” from Italy, and through its itinerant version held few times a year in smaller cities called “Giffoni on Tour”. Film screenings are used to motivate young people to open a debate on topics that affect their generation. International cooperation and involvement of young people from our country in various international projects are other important segments of the activities.

UDRUŽENJE MLADIH UMJETNIKA BH, Telemach Omladinski Film Festival Sarajevo

Bosnia and Herzegovina

OFF – Sarajevo Youth Film Festival is the largest and most important short professional film festival in Southeastern Europe. Putting young amateur and professional filmmakers in the foreground, and creating a platform where the main goal is the networking and development of young filmmakers, OFF has positioned itself as a unique and unavoidable cultural, tourist and film event in the whole of Europe. In its program, OFF shows an average of 70 films every year, organises a series of musical content, a co-production market and educational master class workshops, as well as a series of conferences and receptions where the Festival brings together new, young and older experienced professionals, sponsors, distributors, representatives of the cultural and public life and all representatives from society and industry who can help the development of film art and cultural tourism.