The Returning Point and Interaction in Čačak

The Final Stop of the Film Tour – Interaction

On Monday, June 10th, 2024, at 12:00 in the Small Hall of the Cultural Centre Čačak, a screening of films made during last year’s Interaction Camp on the topic “Brain Drain” will be held, followed by a lecture by Uroš Živković, Program Director of the Returning Point from Belgrade. The programme is part of the Film Tour –Interaction “What do young people say: to leave or to stay?”. Since April, the tour organized by the Independent Film Centre Filmart has visited several cities in Serbia – Prijepolje, Užice, Požega, Novi Pazar, and Kragujevac – engaging in discussions with local youth on the topics of youth and circular migration.

After the Film Tour – Interaction, in Čačak, the program will be significantly enriched by a lecture by an expert in the field of circular migrations – Uroš Živković, program director of Return Point. This lecture is a great occasion for sharing the experiences of the Returning Point organization team in collaboration with successful returnees, and the lessons learned from the previous period in working with thousands of returnees.

Returning Point is a partner on the IFC Filmart project, supported by the US Embassy in Belgrade, under which the Film Tour on the topic “What do the youth say – to leave or to stay?” is organized. Through its activities in the field of circular migration, the Returning Point provides support to expats who plan to return to the country, start a business venture or a scientific and professional career, supports talented individuals from Serbia, and provides a framework for better communication of Serbian society in the country and abroad. The organization has been supported from the very beginning (2020) by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, the Government of the Republic of Serbia, and several diaspora organizations and individuals.

Uroš Živković lectured on International Arbitration and Private International Law at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law, and served as Secretary of the Serbian Arbitration Association and a legal expert on a series of international projects. Educated in law at the University of Belgrade and the University of Cambridge, he holds an LL.M. as a Chevening and Cambridge Trust Scholar. The Film Tour – Interaction is carried out within the project Empowering Circular Migration Champions: Unleashing Western Serbia’s Creative Potential (Interaction 2024), supported by the US Embassy in Belgrade.