vladimir perović, sErbia

Vladimir Perović graduated in film and TV directing. He specializes in creative documentaries and has received multiple awards at both domestic and international festivals. He has worked for several production companies in Serbia and Montenegro. Perović served as a visiting professor of Documentary Film at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje (2010-2021) and conducted masterclasses in Serbia, Montenegro, China, Turkey, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has also been a jury member in Yugoslavia, Serbia, Montenegro, Iran, Russia, Germany, Romania, and Albania. Perović has been a selector for the documentary section of the Herceg Novi Film Festival (2011-2019; 2024-), FESTEF in Kučevo (2017-2020), and the Ethnological Film Festival in Belgrade (2020-2023). He resides in Belgrade but also films in both Serbia and Montenegro.

Selected filmography: 1989: A House; Happy New Year; 1992: The Saga on Samourai & the Mud; 1996: Pilgrimage; 1997: Tuning Voices / Rigging Votes; 2000: The Clock; Son; 2001: Love, Vow; 2002:  A Slight Malfunction on My Shiny Star; 2003: Vanishing; 2006: The Smoke; 2007: The Thirst of a Stone Sea; 2011: Trials, Tribulations & Sustainable Growth of a Cock; Star Dust; 2013: Life is; 2015: Eoha; 2016: 2 & 2; 2016: Strokes; 2020: Sparks; Our Lady’s Peace, 2023: Percents of Life, Planet Slivova.