TALK #2 

19/08 │ SAT

13.00 Čačak Cultural Centre

Music Documentaries  

Speakers: Igor Toholj, Sandra Rančić (Dok’n’Ritam Festival)

The music documentary film is a genre that has over the last decade been crowned with (even) four Oscars and a significant number of prestigious awards in the world of cinema.

Dok’n’Ritam is a unique festival in Serbia that encompasses not only a competitive and showcase selection of music documentaries but also includes promotions of music books and concerts by established and emerging authors from the region. The festival occurs in Belgrade at the Cultural Center ‘’Studentski Grad’’ (DKSG). It will be held for the eighth time in September 2023. The festival’s mission revolves around preserving musical artifacts, fostering an understanding of musical culture’s profound importance and impact, and advocating for the music documentary film genre.

In our local context, the music documentary remains in its nascent stages, and the Dok’n’Ritam festival supports creators. This assistance extends beyond the recognition garnered from the competitive selection process; it also includes ongoing collaboration, spanning from the initial idea and process oversight to presentation and the promotion of music documentary production across all its developmental phases.

As part of the #Talk program, alongside the presentation of the Belgrade Dok’n’Rhythm Festival, a documentary will be featured. This documentary was acclaimed as the best by the festival’s audience last year. The film titled “Easter, the City, and Rock ‘n’ Roll” is the creation of the talented duo Ivan Velisavljević and Katarina Janković Popović.

Furthermore, discussions will revolve around the full-length documentary film ‘’Railroad to Glory’’, produced by Igor Toholj. This film was introduced at the Dok’n’Rhythm Festival as part of the Work in Progress program.

Igor M. Toholj

Born in 1968 in Belgrade. Author and producer of experimental and documentary films.Scholarship recipient of the Goethe Institute at the Berlinale for film experts program, 2005. Scholarship recipient of the Italian Institute for the Institute of Culture at the Universita Dante Alighieri, Reggio Calabria, 2005. He has been awarded at film festivals for his documentary and experimental films. He participated in various authors and national retrospectives in the country and abroad. Founded the independent film production company Zero in Belgrade in 2008. Member of AFUN since 2012 and DOK Serbia. EFF Palić documentary program selector since 2008. Program director of the International Festival D’N’R – Dok’n’Ritam, Belgrade. Artistic director and founder of the International Documentary Film Festival DOK, Belgrade. Selector of the first and second short documentaries at the Ravno Selo Film Festival.

Sandra Rančić is the founder, artistic director, and curator of the Dok’n’Rhythm Festival. She has been actively involved in journalism since 1987 and has a substantial background in event organization and cultural promotion dating back to 1994. Her involvement in film production began in 2015.

Incorporating interactive aspects into her journalistic work, she has adeptly moderated discussions with film crews at the Belgrade FEST for four consecutive years, from 2016 to 2019.

Sandra is a co-author of documentary TV series and films including “EKV – As It Once Was” and “Rockovnik” (comprising 40 episodes). Starting in 2011, she served as the curator for the Mediterranean Film Festival in Split, curating a selection of musical documentary films. Notably, in 2016 she established the first music documentary film festival in Serbia, known as Dok’n’Rhythm.