Manas Krishnais a cinematographer and a director. Currently, he is studying cinematography at the prestigious Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata. He graduated in Philosophy from Delhi University.

In the film school Manas discovered documentaries, and he really got interested by the potential that the medium of documentary offers for experimentation as a tool of exposition. he got intrigued by the genre of hybrid documentary and docu-fiction. He believes that those hybrid forms enable us to include a lot of different types of stories in our subject matter, it also increases the potentialities of methods of exposition.

Her wishes to tell the stories of the margins, of communities and people who make the majority of his country, who have incredible stories and experiences but are sadly most underrepresented in the Indian cinema. 


  • Bhaag / short film / 2019 / as a director, editor
  • Udta Banaras / short documentary /2020  /as  a cinematographer, director
  • Cinemaghar / Short Film (long take) /2022 / as a cinematographer
  • Jugnoo / Short film / 2023 /as a cinematographer


  • Udta Banaras / Nagari Film Festival 2020 / Goa,India / 2020 / Second best film