FIlip markovinović / dust

Dust is a collage-type video work created by combining personal film archives, family films shot between 1976 and 1982, and found archival material consisting mainly of raw and unedited footage, and amateur cinema recordings of parts of Sombor and Novi Sad.  

When I was little, my father told me that dust is formed by meteors burning when they enter our atmosphere, disintegrate, and turn into dust.
For a long period, I have been convinced that all the dust around me comes from space. I loved hitting the furniture with my hand and watching the beads move in the beam of light.
Now I know that dust is made of pieces of leather, fabric, paper, soot, and dirt. Dust is a world that is falling apart.

Using fragments of film recordings from personal archives and placing them in another context, the video represents a walk-through oneiric space that has been melted by the ravages of time. It is a literal decomposition, as the footage I used is in very poor condition – the emulsion disintegrated or the film completely changed its appearance due to chemical processes and inadequate storage.

nenad pinter / History of computer art in Yugoslavia 1980-2000

During the 1980s and 1990s, a new electronically and digitally mediated art form emerged in various places across the region. The disturbances and dislocations at the time meant that the knowledge of the nature and history of the new media art from the area was neglected and almost lost. A way to recover and preserve this body of work is by creating a hybrid audiovisual installation.

The project is conceived as several video installations, with interviews and archival recordings from the personal archives of Gordana Novaković and Miša Savić.

The two represent one of the pioneers of Yugoslav computer art.

The video installations will also be followed through online digital communication platforms, making this work hybrid and accessible not only to local audiences but also to people who are unable to see the works live.