vladimir perović, sErbia
workshop lecturer & tutor

Vladimir Perović – graduated in Film & TV Directing from the Faculty of Drama Arts, Belgrade, Serbia. His creative documentaries won 111 awards and recognitions so far. Jury member in Yugoslavia, Serbia, Montenegro, Iran, Russia, Germany, Romania, and Macedonia.

Visiting professor of Documentary at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Cetinje, Montenegro (2010 – 2021).

Selector for a Documentary section of Montenegro FF Herceg Novi (2011 – 2018), and Festival of Ethnological film, Belgrade (since 2020).

He lives in Belgrade and makes his films both in Serbia and in Montenegro.

Selected filmography: 1989: A House; Happy New Year; 1992: The Saga on Samourai & the Mud; 1996: Pilgrimage; 1997: Tuning Voices / Rigging Votes; 2000: The Clock; Son; 2001: Love, Vow; 2002: A Slight Malfunction on My Shiny Star; 2003: Vanishing; 2006: The Smoke; 2007: The Thirst of a Stone Sea; 2011: Trials, Tribulations & Sustainable Growth of a Cock; Star Dust; 2013: Life is; 2015: Eoha; 2016: Strokes; 2020: Sparks; Our Lady’s Peace.